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Service Quilts from the Guild

The Service Committee of Marys River Quilt Guild uses donated fabrics in the creation of a variety of quilts to have ready for charitable causes. The committee has coordinated the making and giving away of between one hundred and two hundred quilts each year. Quilts are donated to many community service organizations and assisted living facilities as well as victims of house fires and victims of wildfires. Quilts  are also provided to several organizations for raffles and auctions.

Quilts at hotel in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.jpeg

Quilts made for TOUCH (Take One Ukranian Child's Hand)

TOUCH, Take One Ukranian Child’s Hand, is a sponsorship program for Ukrainian children.  In 1999, Sabra Killen and Alice Rampton traveled to Uzhhorod, Ukraine to help distribute a shipment of humanitarian aid.  This shipment was one of many projects between Uzhhorod and Corvallis since the inception of their sister city relationship in 1989-90. Killen and Rampton visited three orphanages and recognized that there were many children with special needs.  Upon returning home, they envisioned a program that would help meet some of these specific needs.  To support these children, the concept of a sponsorship program was developed.

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