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About Marys River Quilt Guild

Marys River Quilt Guild is a community of quilting enthusiasts whose purpose is to encourage and promote the art of quilting. Our mission is to bring together individuals who have a shared passion for quilting, and to present various activities and programs that will pique the interest of our members. We welcome everyone to join us, whether as a member or simply as an attendee at our meetings.

Our Guild

Marys River Quilt Guild is a place where quilters come together to share their passion for the art of quilting. We are a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to promoting and preserving the craft of quilting. Our guild provides a space for quilters of all levels to come together to learn, share, and inspire each other. We offer a wide range of activities and programs for our members, including workshops, lectures, and events. Our goal is to create an environment where every member feels welcome, and where we can all learn and grow together as quilters.

The People Who Make our Guild Happen

Each board member is elected by the members of the Mary's River Quilt Guild and serves a two-year term. Elections are held during the November meeting each year. 


President - Theresa Valentine 

Vice-President - Lisa Ullmer

Treasurer - Marcia Gilson

Secretary - Jo Casselberry



Challenge Quilts

Chair:  Judy Juntunen, Debbie Garvin, Stephanie Smith, Karen Gottschlich

Selects annual challenge and fabrics, signs up members to participate; arranges for judges, and organizes display of entries and at October meeting



Chair:  Barbara Gordon and Izzie Elliot

Sets up meeting room: greets guests and encourages members to wear their badges



Chair:  Joyce Loper; Izzie Elliot

Maintains the guild's library in the Museum annex; makes new purchases of books and equipment; prepares material for check out; keeps library records. 



Chair:  Marcia Gilson;  Glenda Gassner, Jan Fenwick

Plans and conducts the program portion of each monthly meeting; organizes workshops, demos and other training.



Chair: Kelly Clark

Markets the raffle quilt, arranging for ticket sale venues, signs up members to sell tickets.


2023 Raffle Quilt

Chair: Cindy Graff

Organize the creation of the 2023 Raffle Quilt. This quilt helps to make a donation to the Benton County Historical Museum for use of the museum auditorium and annex.


Round Robin 

Chair: Cindy Graff  

Organizes the Round Robin program. Invites members to join, sets up groups, and arranges for meetings.


Quilting Friends (formerly Secret Sisters)

Chair:  Jan Andrews

Quilt-related events and discussions. 



Chair:  Lynn Grube

Mancy Anderson, Linda Jewett, Louise Muhl, Yvonne Thomas, Lisa Ullmer, Wendy Engelking, Andy Chiappisi, Cynthia Janes, Dawnell Tingey, Gene Newburgh, Linda Meyer, Marc Kemper, Tina Withrow-Robinson

Makes quilts for distribution to community members and organizations in need.



Chair:  Beth Rietveld

Maintains the website.

Meet Our Board Members

Our guild is made up of a diverse group of quilters, each with their own unique style and approach to quilting. Get to know some of our members below:


Theresa Valentine

Guild President

Theresa has been interested in quilting since watching her grandmother quilting. She has been a member of the Guild for over 20 years and has served on numerous committees. She enjoys the fellowship and friendly atmosphere of the Guild. 

Lisa Ullmer

Vice President

Lisa ia a charter member of the Guild and has held many offices and worked on several committees. She enjoys traditional quilt patterns, although machine quilting is her go-to for getting UFOs done. She loves to learn new techniques. Lisa's quilts are made for friends, family and for her own enjoyment. Through the Guild she has made many life-long friendships.


Marcia Gilson


Marcia is a charter members of the Guild and has held several positions over the years.  She enjoys making traditional quilts for herself, family and friends.

What Our Members Say

“The Guild has connected me with some of the most creative quilters I could ever hope to meet, and has inspired me to learn and grow in my own quilting adventures."


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